Q. Do I have to be an Ohlone College student to apply for Ohlone College Foundation Scholarships?

A. No, you may be a high school student attending a Tri-City High School if you are applying for the Ohlone Promise or a HOSTS Scholarship. But all other scholarships do require active Ohlone College enrollment. You must also be enrolled at an institution of higher education at the time that checks are distributed.

If you have transferred to another institution of higher education at the time that scholarship checks are distributed, Ohlone College Foundation will send your scholarship check to your new institution.

Q. When are Ohlone College Foundation scholarships announced?

A. Generally in Mid May of each year. The application period opens March 1st of each year.

Q. Who do I address my thank you letter to?

A. Please address all thank you letters "[Name of scholarship] donor"

Q. Where do I submit thank you letters?

A. Thank you letters are to be submitted to the Ohlone College Foundation and will be forwarded to the scholarship donor. Please mail thank you letters to: Ohlone College Foundation, 43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539.