The Ohlone College Employee Giving campaign allows Ohlone College employees to make a monthly tax-deductible gift through an automatic payroll deduction.  In 2016, Ohlone College employees gave over $14,000 in donations to support Ohlone College programs and scholarships through the Employee Giving Campaign alone.  We thank Ohlone College for its incredible commitment to the students we serve!

Download our Ohlone College Employee Giving Campaign here.


Below are funds that Ohlone employees can contribute to.  If  you are interested in starting a new fund for a College program or scholarship, please contact the Ohlone College Foundation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Ohlone Promise Scholarship

Area of Greatest Need

General Scholarships

Faculty Professional Development

Staff Professional Development



Athletics Endowment

CIO Scholarship Fund CS Embedded Tutors Endowment

Commercial Music Fund

Community Band

Dan & Marie Archer Endowment

Deaf Studies Endowment

Craig Jackson Endowment

Gloria Villasana Fuerniss Alumni House Endowment

Larry Weiner Enowment

Louie Endowment for the Arts

NUMMI Endowment

Smith Center

Summerfest Fund

Sustainability Endowment



Abe & Hannah Hochler Scholarship Endowment

Anne Golseth Leadership Scholarship Endowment

Audrey Hack First-Generation Colleage Student Scholarship Endowment

CARE Program Scholarship

Carol Goodell Deaf Studies Scholarship Endowment

Creative Writing Award

Deeksha, Inc. Reentry Scholarship

EOPS Single Parent Scholarship

George & Jo Rainie Rodgers Anthropology Scholarship Endowment

Indo-Americans for Better Community Scholarship Endowment

J.V. Loukianoff Math Award Endowment

Jim Klent Chemistry Award Endowment

Jones Hamilton Chemistry Scholarship Endowment

Josephine Butala Math Scholarship Endowment

Learning Alliance for Bioscience (LAB) Program Scholarship

Leroy Hack Respiratory Therapy Scholarship Endowment

Ohlone Theatre Scholarship Endowment

Philip Miller Scholarship Endowment

Physical Therapy Assistant Scholarship Endowment

Pilar Lewis Multimedia Scholarship Endowment

Ron Staszkow Math Award Endowment

Shari Winter Respiratory Therapy Scholarship Endowment

Shelley Lawrence Interpreter Preparation Program Award Endowment

Stephen Epler Leadership Scholarship Endowment

Verle Waters Nursing Scholarship Endowment

Ward Blanchard Scholarship Endowment

Washington Medical Staff Scholarship Endowment

William Bickard Scholarship Endowment