Emerald Templeton photo

"My time at Ohlone made the most impact on my life.  I had a lot of support at the College from a number of faculty and staff including Sandy Bennett, Debbie Trigg, Ken Waters, and Brenda Ahntholz.  This group, although individually, made a collective impact on the trajectory of my life and career--I've pursued a career, quite successfully, in higher education.  I am able to guide and counsel my students with as much vigor and compassion as the folks at Ohlone.  I am grateful for such a great bunch of people and awesome institution!"

Emerald Templeton
Career & Professional Development Advisor
UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare

"I had a phenomenal teacher at Ohlone College and his name was Walter Halland (Emeritus Professor of Biology 1971-2000). He looked like Santa Claus, and he was high energy and enthusiastic, often running around the classroom passionately teaching about science. He was one of the main reasons I chose to become a science teacher and I have modeled my teaching style after him."

Tom Collett
2013 Ohlone College Honored Alum
Teacher, Newark Junior High School

"What I remember the most about my college experience was the level of training I received. The Ohlone staff cared about its interpreters and deaf students and the relationships I made then have lasted me a lifetime. I have a deep sense of gratitude for what I had learned and the professional opportunity I was granted at a young age. Ohlone was the start of the journey."

Brad Hatton


"I was lucky enough to be one of the first employees of Ohlone College, and my experience as an employee encouraged me to become a student. It was a wonderful decision. Ohlone College gave me the confidence to succeed. I learned a great deal and was involved in many aspects of the college. Ohlone gave me the start I needed. Now, it's very fulfilling to give back through the Foundation. I especially love hearing about students who attend today and how the college is making a difference in their lives."

Gloria Villasana Fuerniss
Vice President and Executive Ambassador, Fremont Bank
1969 Ohlone College Graduate
Ohlone College Outstanding Alumnus 1975
Former Ohlone Community College District Trustee

"Ohlone College is the hidden gem up on the hill. We are so proud to be graduates. We've made lifelong friends and still keep in touch with our favorite teachers.

We also met at Ohlone College, served in student government together and learned the importance of leadership, outreach and camaraderie. These are traits that we try to emulate today and carry on to our children."

Bill Harrison
Mayor of Fremont
Ohlone College Outstanding Alumnus 2011

Jennifer Toy Harrison
Board Member, Union Sanitary District
Ohlone College Outstanding Alumnus 2011

"Ohlone College changed my life. I started as a student in 1972 and came back as a Professor in 1992. This year I am retiring. But this place will always be 'my' Ohlone.

I grew up at Ohlone. It's in my blood. As an Anthropologist I am dedicated to the preservation of culture. And it's been my privilege to be a part of the Ohlone legacy."

George Rodgers
Ohlone College Anthropology Professor

"Ohlone College has had a profound impact on my life. I met my wife there when she earned her nursing degree and my daughter recently transferred from Ohlone to UC Berkeley. Not only did my time at Ohlone prepare me for Bachelors and Masters Degrees earned at Santa Clara University, but three of the best teachers in my life were from there. The Ohlone professors were inspiring, challenging and extremely competent."

Dominic Dutra
Chief Executive Officer, Dutra-Cerro-Graden
Ohlone College Outstanding Alumnus 2004